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Thanks, Mum… Mother’s Day gift ideas

mother's day gift

When I was little, the run up to Mother’s Day would usually include my Nan and I doing lots of arts and crafts for me to present my Mum with yet another crafty creation.

Usually sewing her a picture and making her a card, it was a given that she’d be the recipient of something handmade to celebrate Mother’s Day (and pretty much every other occasion if I’m honest).

Going into adulthood however, the handmade gifts stopped and she started to receive something more mainstream, which I am sure she was glad about as she was running out of space to store all of my ‘creations’.

So this year, I’ve been pinning away and gone all old school to think about handmade DIY gifts for Mummy again!

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My Mum and Dad now have 4 grandchildren, so their fridge is COVERED in magnets, photos and artwork, but I love the idea of making my own Polaroid-style fridge magnets of special moments.

Luckily I stumbled across this tutorial of how to make these Polaroid fridge magnets.

These were my attempts 🙂

And of course, I couldn’t leave my own Mother’s Day creations out, could I?

I designed these personalised word cloud heart and teapot digital printables for you to print and frame yourself. The only way to get a last minute gift that she’ll actually like!

You can order them on Etsy store.

mother's day gift mother's day gift

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