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Leaping into love… Our first Valentine’s Day marriage proposal

marry me print

Recently I launched the personalised Love Story print on the Etsy store – designed to create a keepsake for someone special or to make a marriage proposal even more memorable.

So when I received an order for one ahead of the leap year, I couldn’t resist but to find out a bit more about the customer…

The Etsy order pinged through one evening, and as I usually do, I read the personalised details to make sure I had all of the necessary information to get started on the print.

It was one of the love story prints!  Woo hoo!

On reading the text sent through in the order details, my soppy side took over and I started to well up as I read all about how the couple had met, welcomed their first child into the world, and had moved into their first home together.

Finished off with those all important words, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”.

Somebody, pass the tissues!

I designed the image for the customer and when I sent it to her to approve, asked her a bit more the proposal. As a massive coincidence, she and I actually shared the same first name, which with it being ‘Rhian’ is quite unusual unless you have Welsh roots as it turns out she and I both do.

marry me print

Rhian explained that she was planning on proposing to her boyfriend either on Valentine’s Day or on the 29th February but was feeling really nervous about what he might say.

I assured her that from reading the print, it sounded like it was a done deal, but she promised to let me know how the story ended once she’d done it.

So, on 1st March I received a brilliant message from Rhian when she gave me the happy news that it had been a success and she was now engaged!

Rhian explained, “He was playing FIFA (haha – didn’t have a clue), so I called him upstairs and had 4 flashing balloons saying ‘Will you marry me ‘ and 4 balloons saying ‘I love you’, rose petals all over the floor and our little girl laying on the bed with her pink vest on saying ‘Will you marry my Mammy?’. I was sitting on the bed with 2 rings holding the framed verse you made us… He was absolutely amazed, said “yes, of course I will”, picked our LG up, gave us both a massive cuddle, read the framed verse and started crying – bless his soppy heart”.


What a fab story!

I’m so privileged to have been able to play a part in making the next chapter in Rhian’s love story happen and would like to wish her lots of luck and happiness in whatever the future may bring for her and her family.


The newly engaged couple with their girls

You can order the personalised love story personalised Love Story print on the Etsy store.


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