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How to make DIY Polaroid style photo magnets

diy polaroid style magnets

Before Mother’s Day, I wrote a blog on DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas in which I linked to an idea of making DIY Polaroid style photo magnets.

Well,  I actually made the for my Mum and I think they look fab, so I thought I would bing you a tutorial on how to do it.

They were dead simple, inexpensive and look super cute. 

You will need:

  • Photoshop to edit the images
  • Photo printing paper (and obviously a printer!)
  • Mounting board of thick cardboard
  • Glue and a paint brush
  • Adhesive magnets
  • Scissors or a paper cutter


1. Pick your special photos


The template I have created for you to download for free has space for 12 images, so start by making a list of things you want to put into your magnets, or if you’re like me start searching through your MILLIONS of photos you have on your laptop, phone or cloud.


2. Add the images the the Photoshop template

Using Photoshop, place the images you want to use into the folder called ‘Place photos here’. Make sure you place them under the frames, and if you can be bothered, trim off the excess image. This isn’t essential though as you’ll be chopping the rest of the paper away once it’s finished.

Add any text and change the font if you desire. If no text is needed, just hide this layer.

The template is set up to export as an A4 image, so export the image as a PNG, and then print it.

3. Glue the images to the card

Once the images have printed and the ink has dried, apply glue to the cardboard and secure the paper in place.

Leave it to dry and if necessary, place it under a heavy flat object to remove any bubbles or prevent the paper from wrinkling.

Note – I used a corrugated card here which has shown through the paper, so you may wish to use a flat backing card instead.

magnets_glue2  magnets_glue

4. Cut the magnets out

Once the paper is completely dried, using a paper cutter or scissors cut around the images.

5. Apply the magnets

Cut the magnetic strip into smaller pieces to fit the backs of the images, remove the backing strip and apply to the image.


Et voila!

magnets_radiator2 magnets_radiator


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