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An unusual gift – Personalised gifts to mark a special occasion

We all know that personalised prints make fabulous gifts for big occasions such as a new baby or wedding day, but did you know that you can also request commissions for unusual gifts for other big memorable occasions?

I was recently approached by a very proud Mummy to design a picture for her son and future superstar of the stage, Jack, who is currently playing ‘Small Boy’ in the West End production of Billy Elliot.

Andrea (proud Mum in question) wanted to commission a design as an unusual gift to mark the occasion for the managers of the theatre just before it was due to close for refurbishment.

She had an idea in mind that she wanted – the famous Billy Elliot logo and outline of the boy jumping as he danced, made up of names from the cast and of course her son, Jack.

So I set to work to design a word cloud print filling the outline of Billy, with highlights of Jack’s special details in contrasting red colour to match the name of the production.

The finished personalised word cloud print

The finished personalised word cloud print

I wasn’t sure how sharp the outline would be without a bit of manipulation, given that I normally worked with simpler shapes such as hearts, trees or lettering, but I think you will agree, the shape worked really well and you can definitely make out what it is supposed to be.

Andrea loved the design and kindly left me a 5 star Facebook review (thank you, Andrea!), and what’s more, I hand delivered these prints and got to meet the star of the show in person.

What a lovely review I got! Thank you!

What a lovely review I got! Thank you!

Jack seemed like a really lovely little boy, and on top of that, when I asked him if he was going to be famous, he replied with a casual “yeah, probably”.

So modest.

I wish all the best to Jack and his thoughtful Mum, Andrea. It was a pleasure to create your print.

If you have an idea in mind and would like to chat about a commission, email me at contact@printedpersonally.com.

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