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13 things you’ll only know if you are a craft addict

If you are reading this blog, the chances are that you may be a crafter or love crafty handmade items.

I am addicted to creating and trying new things, so I thought it might be fun to write about telltale signs that only fellow crafters will know.


  1. You can’t just go shopping without looking at cushions, wall art, hangers, pictures, blankets or toys and working out how they are made (or rather, how you could make them yourself).
  2. You have more photos of signage, cute lettering, saying, textures, patterns or basically anything that gives you inspiration than you do of your own family.
  3. You keep everything – you never know when that ribbon, fabric off cut, tube of half-used glitter or card topper might come in handy.
  4. A new pen can excite you beyond belief (and keep you entertained for hours).
  5. Your internet search history is littered with YouTube videos, crafty social media images you have liked, or ‘how to’ blogs you have added to your ever-growing Pinterest board of things you’d like to try.
  6. You often have to clear the dining table before you can even consider eating on it.
  7. Your spare bedroom tends to be your ‘craft cave’ – full of papers, threads, paints, embellishments, half-started projects and other ‘bits and bobs’ you’ve kept (just in case).
  8. You want to make everything for everyone (even if they don’t want you to).
  9. You very rarely get around to making half of the projects you’d like to because, you know, you have a job,¬†family, exercise routine, home, and many other real grown up commitments.
  10. Your child (or if you don’t have one yet, friends’ or family’s children) are all owners of at least one of your creations though.
  11. Getting an ‘early night’ is just not an option if you’ve discovered a new project.
  12. You go to work tired because of the late night crafting session, and spend all day clock-watching until you can get home to carry on.
  13. You dream of giving up your boring ‘real’ job and spending your days creating whatever your crafting passion is.

Crafting is not a hobby – it is a way of life.

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